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Kharkiv National Aerospace University

National Aerospace University “Kharkiv Aviation Institute” (KhAI) is one of the leading engineering Universities of the former USSR, and the only engineering University in Ukraine providing a full spectrum of higher education in aerospace science and engineering. Long-term involvement in aircraft development (first European passenger aircraft with retractable landing gear “KhAI-1” was built in 1932) provides University with wide experience in original ideas generation, new design approaches and methodologies development, structures manufacturing and testing. KhAI has more than 30-years’ experience in the field of composite materials R&D (design, simulation, manufacturing, testing, etc.), and application in aeronautic structures. KhAI research results in composite-related areas are deeply integrated in engineering and manufacturing processes of post-soviet, Russian and Ukrainian worldwide known aerospace companies. Nowadays KhAI is a globally recognized aerospace research centre. It is focused on innovative research across the aerospace industry. The university takes part in research activities with academic and industrial partners from a large number of European and International countries.

International Relation

The National Aerospace University KhAI is an active follower of the integration of Ukrainian higher education and science with the world educational organizations and funds. With a purpose of consolidating the existing relations between foreign universities and the KhAI as well as esteblishing new contacts the International Relations Department of the KhAI was created in spring, 2001.
Main lines of the International Relations Department:
  1. Co-operation with foreign educational and scientific institutions and organizations under agreements.
  2. Organization of services connected with the training of foreign citizens.
  3. Definition and realization of international projects with non-budgetary provisions.
  4. Participation in international educational and scientific programs and funds.
  5. Organization and conduction of scientific and educational conferences, fairs, seminars, international subjects lectures, etc.
KhAI will be involved in fuselage section design and safety assessment. As a stakeholder of novel micro-fastener joining technology, KhAI will strength WASIS wafer design approach with high-efficient joint elements to develop integral fuselage structure with minimal weight and manufacturing costs. Some specific tasks in manufacturing process development and prototypes testing also will be done with assistance of KhAI.

Bachelor Courses

  • Automobile transport
  • Airlines maintenance
  • Accounting and audit
  • International economics
  • Aircraft and rocket building
  • Engines and power plants of aircraft
  • Avionics
  • System analysis
  • Information science
  • Applied mathematics
  • Power machine building
  • Heat power engineering
  • Machine building
  • Engineering mechanics
  • Applied mechanics
  • System engineering
  • Automation and computer-integrated technologies
  • Aero navigation
  • Geodesy, cartography, organization of the use of land
  • Metrology, standardization and certification
  • Metrology and informational and measuring technologies
  • Ecology, environment and balanced nature management
  • Radio techniques
  • Radio-electronic devices
  • Telecommunications
  • Computer's sciences
  • Computer's engineering
  • Program engineering
  • Commodity research and commercial enterprise
  • Finances and credit
  • Marketing
  • Economics of enterprise
  • Management
  • Psychology
  • Philology
  • Document knowledge and information activity

Master Courses

  • Airplanes and helicopters
  • Aircraft engines and power plant
  • Control systems of flying machines and their complexes
  • Airplane and helicopter manufacturing
  • Aircraft engine manufacturing
  • Designing and manufacturing articles made in composite
  • Rocket and space complexes
  • Aerospace heat engineering
  • Spacecraft engines and power plant
  • Engines of rocket-space craft
  • Life safety measures
  • Information controlling systems and techniques
  • Information design technologies
  • Software of automated systems
  • Robotic systems and complexes
  • Radio electronic devices, systems and complexes
  • Manufacture of electronic devices
  • Technologies and means of telecommunication
  • Specialized computer systems
  • Information measuring systems
  • Quality, standardization and certification
  • Management of organizations
  • Project Management
  • Gas turbine power plants and compressor stations
  • Biotechnical and medical apparatuses and systems
  • Metrology and measuring engineering
  • Systems of control and automation
  • Computer systems and networks
  • System programming
  • Non conventional sources of power

Post Graduation Courses

  • Mechanics of a deformable solid body.
  • Mechanics of liquid, gas and plasma.
  • Mathematical modeling and computational methods.
  • Computers and systems software.
  • System analysis and theory of optimum solutions.
  • Physical chemistry.
  • Metrology, standardization and certification.
  • Machine knowledge.
  • Mechanical engineering manufacture.
  • Processes and machines for pressure treatment.
  • Processes of physical and technical treatment.
  • Aircraft engines and power plants.
  • Aircraft dynamics and gas dynamics.
  • Aircraft designing and testing.
  • Ground complexes, launching equipment.
  • Remote aerospace research.
  • Electrical machines and equipment.
  • Telecommunication systems and their control.
  • Antenna and microwave devices.
  • Radio devices and means of telecommunication.
  • Radio technical and television systems.
  • Control systems and processes.
  • Computer systems and components.
  • Information technologies.
  • Automation of control processes.
  • CAD systems.
  • Projects and programs management.
  • Technical thermal physics and industrial heat power system.
  • Conversion of recoverable types of power.
  • History of Ukraine.
  • Economics and management of enterprises.
  • Ontology, epistemology, phenomenology.
  • Psychology of human's behaviour under special conditions.

Terms Of Entering Of First Year Of Study

  When entering the first year of study the foreign citizens have to undergo their entrance interviews. Those entrants who have undergone the interview successfully may conclude contracts for a training. The contract should be attached with the following documents:
               - certificate of completion of the Preparatory Department course of all-Ukrainian or CIS countries sample;
              - questionnaire or application form of established sample;
              - documents certifying the unavailability of AID’s infection;
              - health certificate;
              - health insurance for granting urgent medical aid (except those foreigners who arrived from the countries which have concluded contracts of granting free urgent medical aid);
              - birth certificate copy;
              - 8 photos 60 x 40 mm sized.
       The order of enrollment into the list of first year students shall be signed only on the ground of availability of the above documents.

Transfer From Other University

 The enrollment into the list of 2-d and the following year students may be realized only on the ground of availability of application form filled in by the student, his/her education certificate and contract. On the ground of these documents the faculty dean determines the academic difference in disciplines and indicates the terms during which this difference is to be eliminated.
       KhAI sends an inquiry addressed to the higher educational institution where the foreign student who studied earlier with a request to take the student’s name off the register and transfer his/her documents to the KhAI for the training. The contract should be attached with:
              - academic certificate with seal affixed and signed by the Rector of the University;
              - certificate of completing the Preparatory Department course of all-Ukrainian sample or CIS countries sample;.
              - questionnaire or application form of established sample;
              - documents certifying the unavailability of AID’s infection;
              - medical health certificate;
              - health insurance for granting urgent medical aid (except those foreigners who arrived from the countries which have concluded contracts of granting free urgent medical aid); -
              - 8 photos 60 x 40 mm sized.

Preparatory Department

The Preparatory Department for foreign citizens at the National N.Ye.Zhukovsky Aerospace University During the period of existence of the Preparatory Department more than 300 foreign citizens from 25 countries of the world obtained the knowledge necessary for their further study at the KhAI and other higher educational institutions of Ukraine on engineering, economics and natural sciences.
       The training is conducted on the standard curricula approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. The students of Preparatory Department study the following disciplines: Russian language, mathematics, chemistry, drawing, computer science, computer linguistics, biology (for those who wish to study in the future on natural sciences).
       The academic year at the Preparatory Department lasts from the 1-st of September to the I-st of July and it consists of two semesters. The foreign citizens have to arrive for a training within the period from the 1-st of September to the 1-st of January. The second semester starts in February. At the end of each semester the students will have to take the examinations followed by holidays. The students of the Preparatory Department may also be exempted from attending classes during their national and religious holidays.
       The accommodation conditions for the students of the Preparatory Department are similar to those for foreign students who are trained at other academic faculties.

Living Cost

 Kharkiv city is the second city in Ukraine after Kyiv according to its size and population. In 1917 - 34 it was the capital of Ukraine. Kharkiv city is a large industrial, scientific and cultural center of the country. It was founded in 1655.
Area - more than 300 sq. km.
Population - more then 1,5 ml people.
Industry – there are 270 industrial enterprises which produce airplanes, tractors, turbines, electric engines, tower cranes, software controlled machine-fools, electronic equipment, medicinal preparations, light and food industrious products.
Transport – there are: international airport, railway stations, bus and coach stations, the Metro and other means of transport.
Education – there are 26 state higher educational institutions here: among them: 11 academies; 14 universities; 1 institutes; 150 ths students including 5 ths foreign students from 50 countries of the world study here.
The cost of market basket with all the required products amounts to 150-200 $ US.
The prices of some food products are as follows:
              1 kg of bread - $ 0,3-0,4;
              1 kg of beef - $ 2-2,5;
              1 kg of potato - $ 0,4;
              1 kg of cheese - $ 3-4;
              1 liter(litre) of milk - $0,2-0,5;
              10 eggs - $ 0,5;
              1 kg of bananes - $ 1-1,1;
              1 kg of coffee - $5.
              1 kg of oranges - $ 1,5

All the products may be bought at supermarkets or agricultural markets. There are many products from the countries of Europe and America.
The network of municipal transport is well developed – there buses, trolley-buses, trams and Metro (a single fare costs about $ 0,1). There are many restaurants, cafes, bars in Kharkov city.
A free time may be spent at museums, theatres, students clubs, and discos.
The cost of one ticket is:
              for cinema - $ 1-2;
              for theatre - $ 2-4;
              for disco - $ 4-5.

Kharkov is a students’ center of Ukraine, ecologically pure city with numerous parks and squares. Kharkov City has all the necessary conditions for a comfortable life.
There are many cult edifices in Kharkov. The religious rites one may celebrate in churches, mosques, Roman Catholic churches, and synagogues.
The possibility of the placement-in-the-job for foreign citizens in Ukraine is limited.