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Odessa National Polytechnic University

Odessa National Polytechnic University is the oldest higher technical educational establishment in the south of Ukraine. Throughout the years, Odessa Polytech graduates made a considerable contribution to the development of Ukrainian and global science and technology as well as have educated many national economy specialists. University graduates perform a productive work in all regions of Ukraine and the ninety-one foreign countries.

Born in September 1918, Odessa National Polytechnic University has a long way of growth and development. Over the years, this university became one of the leading universities of Ukraine, became a major educational and research center, which played and still plays a major role in the development of education and science. The authority of eminent scientists who have been working in it now contributes to the high prestige of the university. There are many world scientists among them.

The university is constantly developing creative relationships with enterprises, companies and organizations, academic and research institutions of Ukraine and foreign countries; University is open for cooperation with every person who wants to make a contribution into development of the higher education in Ukraine.

University staff, continuing the glorious traditions of Polytechnics, is working on augmentation of scientific and technological capabilities of our state, prepares highly qualified personnel for the modern production system in regard to the new economic conditions, and for research in various fields of science and technology.


The university history started on September 18, 1918. Over years of its existence ONPU launched into professional life thousands of youth. Among its graduates are many talented engineers, scientists, heads of scientific organizations and universities, top management staff at different industries, as well as political actors.


Today the university represents a huge training center of high-qualification personnel in the south Ukraine. The Odessa National Polytechnic University figures among 14 Ukrainian universities, members of the European Universities Association, as well as among four Ukrainian universities, members of International Universities Association.

ONPU created a "polytechnic university" complex consolidating licea, high schools, colleges, and technical schools of the whole southern Ukraine region. 20,000 of students, graduate employees, post-graduate students are trained here, the process being effected by 4,000 lecturers, researchers and practical engineers. There are 57 academicians and corresponding members of both special Ukraine Academies of Science, more than 120 professors and Doctors of sciences, almost 450 senior lecturers, Ph.D., 21 honoured workers of Science and Engineering of Ukraine, honoured worker of the National Education of Ukraine, 13 academicians of international academies.

The teaching process follows a multistage system: Bachelor, Specialist (practical engineer), Master of Science, Candidate of Science (Ph. D.) and the Doctor of Science. The Odessa National Polytechnic University structure includes 11 institutes, teo faculties, 62 departments, technical school and college.


International COrporation

  • Ukrainian-Germane Institute
  • Extramural Engineering Studies Institute
  • Undergraduate Institute (Preparatory Studies)
  • Institute of Radioelectronics and Telecommunications
  • Industrial Technologies, Design and Management Institute
  • Machine-Building Engineering Institute
  • Foreign Students Preparatory Institute
  • Institute of Computer Systems
  • Power Engineering Institute
  • Electromechanics and Energy Consumption Institute
  • Business, Economics and Information Technologies Institute
  • Humanities Faculty
  • In 2000 an UNESCO Chair has been established at ONPU
  • ONPU is the member of European Universities Association (EUA), European Association for International Education (EAIA) and International Association of Universities (IAU).
  • In 2006, the decision of the board of Magna Charta Universitatum Observatory ONPU accepted in number of universities in Europe, signed the Magna Carta.
   The University’s stable international scientific and practical links created ONPU merited name abroad. We established long-time cooperative contacts with the UNESCO headquarters, the European Center for Higher Education, the Council of Rectors in Europe, the General Agency of International Educational Programs.
  Today ONPU cooperates with educational, scientific researcher and practical industry institutions from 14 countries, a successful collaboration with 30 Institutes and Universities in Asia, Europe, Canada, America continues.
  ONPU scientists’ researches do completely meet the international standards. Our developments have been effected for such well-known companies as “Hitachi”, “Panasonic”, “Fuji-film” etc.